Drawing through fluid oil paint, Hemming’s lines shape-shift into complex networks and forms that conjure the natural world. These new works explore the uncertainty and contingency surrounding our current relationships to the environment. 
Working reductively and within a strict set of formal parameters, Hemming pares down the painting process, manipulating the oily sludge until the surface is no longer malleable. What remains is evidence of a presence that has been and gone. In the absence of humanity, there is a life force that continues. 

“The tentacular are not disembodied figures; they are cnidarians, spiders, fingery beings like humans and raccoons, squid, jellyfish, neural extravaganzas, fibrous entities, flagellated beings, myofibril braids, matted and felted microbial and fungal tangles, probing creepers, swelling roots, reaching and climbing tendrilled ones. The tentacular are also nets and networks, it critters, in and out of clouds. Tentacularity is about life lived along lines — and such a wealth of lines — not at points, not in spheres. The inhabitants of the world, creatures of all kinds, human and non-human, are wayfarers; generations are like a series of interlaced trails.”      -Donna Haraway